About Us

John Feldcher

President / Owner

With over 25 years of experience in the investment industry, John Feldcher has a rich background, having previously owned and operated companies in the small business sector. Currently, he is the owner and driving force behind Wise Wealth Management, a boutique investment portfolio management firm based in Calgary.

John's unique approach to retirement planning revolves around optimizing what you retain after taxes. This perspective is evident in every investment decision, including the choice of accounts such as RRSP or TFSA, seamlessly integrated into the overall retirement plan. Drawing from personal experience in filing over 5000 tax returns for Wise Wealth Clients, John has acquired an in-depth understanding of the tax system and employs effective strategies accordingly.

His investment philosophy prioritizes after-tax results, both in the present and during retirement. John employs a blend of effective, comprehensive, and occasionally sophisticated investment approaches to maximize tax efficiency for individuals and corporations. The majority of Wise Wealth's clients are either in the 5-to-10-year pre-retirement phase or have already successfully retired. By initiating a tax-strategic approach as the crucial first step in their retirement planning, John customizes full and thorough investment portfolios for his clients.

In his leisure time, John indulges in his passion for music, enjoying live performances or listening to his stereo. He also finds joy in reading and spending quality time with his family.

Karen Feldcher


Karen Feldcher has worked in administration, client services, office management, and insurance brokering for over 25 years and is the co-founder of Wise Wealth Management.

Over the past few years, while Karen was navigating the intricacies of processing and advocating for her clients' life and health insurance, she noticed consistent patterns in their health conditions and the lifestyle choices that were influencing those health conditions. These trends were directly impacting the insurance risk associated with her clients' life and health coverage. This realization sparked a deep interest in holistic health and alternative prevention for Karen.

Driven by both her personal journey of overcoming cancer through nutrition and alternative health practices and the frustration of being unable to fully address her clients' needs due to chronic health issues, Karen decided to make a significant career shift. She went back to school and is now a certified health and wellness coach. In her new role, she empowers clients to take charge of their own health, ultimately serving as a form of insurance against the risks of disease.

Karen is also still actively involved in setting the vision and goals of Wise Wealth Management along with overseeing the income tax filing services arm. And because it brings her so much joy, she continues to be involved in promotions and organizing of client appreciation events.

Oana Laporte


Oana Laporte is a graduate of Mount Royal University and has pursued further education, obtaining her mutual fund, securities, and insurance licensing. With over 8 years of experience, Oana's professional journey includes roles as an associate at Raymond James and Investors Group.

Her expertise makes her an ideal fit for Wise Wealth, as she not only understands the numbers but prioritizes the individual and the relationship first. Specializing in Life and Critical Illness insurance, Oana's passion for these areas aligns seamlessly with the values of the Wise Wealth team. Recognizing proper risk management as a critical component of a retirement plan, her industry experience adds significant value to the team.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Oana finds joy in hiking in the stunning Canadian Rockies and cherishing moments with her daughter and husband.

Derinda May

Office Manager

Derinda May has dedicated the majority of her professional life to the client service industry in various roles. In 2020, she became an integral part of the Wise Wealth Team as an executive assistant to the senior advisor. Since then, she has steadily progressed to the position of Office Manager, where she now oversees all the processes and procedures that contribute to Wise Wealth's operational excellence.

Known for her responsiveness, Derinda serves as the first point of contact, and clients consistently value her friendly and professional approach.

A proud Alberta native, Derinda enjoys spending quality time with her beautiful family and friends.

Wise Wealth Management has worked hard over the years to develop and establish strategic relationships with individuals and companies that benefit our clients’ needs, particularly for the self-employed, contracted, small business owner, and project management employee.

Some of these include but are not limited to law firms, accountants, tax preparation, bookkeeping etc… See links to a few of the companies we have successfully worked with:

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